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Vibration: #156574
Decided its time to get in shape and attempted my first workout. After 30 minutes of feeling sick from fatigue after my workout, I now feel amazing. Posted by a Capricorn

Vibration: #156573
Heading to Vegas this weekend with my love. We are going to win a million dollars. Let the universe prevail! Posted by a Gemini

Vibration: #156572
"You will feel intellectually energetic this morning." I sure did. You are welcome DW. Posted by a Taurus

Vibration: #156571
"As soon as you get up this morning, you'll have strong positive energy that will help you get through your day. If you have some ambitious projects lined up, today is your lucky day." Love it. I just finished a number of those projects. Next. Posted by a Libra

Vibration: #156570
Yesterday I took the brunt of someone's rath for something I did not do. In response, I unloaded on them and became very defensive and aggressive. Today I feel bad as it is very unlike me scream at someone. Today is going to be a much better day! Posted by a Capricorn

Vibration: #156568
22 years ago I met this beautiful yet scary girl who used blue eyeliner and was all jacked up on mountain dew. She has now been my wife for 17 years. Posted by a Pisces

Vibration: #156566
Every morning I tell my children to "change the world today" as they get on the bus. My wife interjects after the fact "for good". Posted by a Pisces

Vibration: #156565
Had the craziest dream that my hair was on fire last night. When I woke up I remembered I was already bald and went from scared to sad. Posted by a Gemini

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