Libra Daily Horoscope

Jan 25, 2020 - Just because there is a conflict in your life right now doesn't mean you have to put everything on hold to deal with it right away. Some things can fix themselves without any attention from you, so unless this conflict is preventing you from moving forward on a specific goal, turn away from it today. Don't worry that you're pulling an ostrich technique and burying your head in the sand to hide from reality. You are merely putting the right priorities first.

Libra Daily Horoscope

Jan 26, 2020 - One of your developing relationships has been requiring a lot of your energy lately, and this is unlikely to change any time soon — unless you draw your boundaries more clearly. You can do something about any inequity you're feeling, simply by asking for what you need. Not everything has to be about them — you are entitled to more attention than you've been getting. Try to communicate where you want things to go. If they aren't receptive, you should focus more on other people.

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Want to Know a Libra Better?

Those born under the sign of Libra are some of the most composed and controlled individuals ever to grace this Earth. Although they might be fearful of the outcome of a situation, they rarely show their true feelings and never appear distraught. Although this air sign starts on the 21st of September, it doesn't come into complete power until seven days from then. Similarly, although its rule officially ends on 20th October, it takes seven days for Libra to lose its power completely.

Those who are Librans are very fair and understand the role of justice in everyday society. Therefore, they delight in performing humanitarian acts, such as organizing petitions to help the less fortunate. Because they hate confrontation, if you are in a dispute with a Libran, be sure to approach the issue calmly. There is nothing that a Libran values more than his or her inner peace. In public, Librans are very friendly and love making conversation with others. They are also great listeners, and are quite attentive to what others have to say. Sometimes, they can even guess what the other person is thinking. Librans are genuine individuals who make a truthful and positive first impression.

Their sense of peace and order makes their decisions regarding politics, economics, and social causes very valuable. In fact, the accuracy of their predictions could even lead to a career in that field, such as meteorology, fortune-telling, or tarot card reading. Their intuition makes them very good gamblers, and often leads to success at playing the stock market. This also makes them reliable in regards to personal advice and decision-making.

Librans live up to their zodiacal sign of balance and always maintain an even personality. They make sure to guard their thoughts and feelings carefully. Although they are skilled at making predictions, they rarely depend on them unless there is concrete proof to back them up.

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