Cancer Daily Horoscope

Feb 27, 2021 - Perfection doesn't exist. Even those perfect-looking celebrities you see in photos have been airbrushed by professionals! You need to stop holding yourself to such impossibly high standards. It's bumming you out and ruining your good energy. Imperfections are what make you who you are, so why are you rejecting them? You don't want to be a robot. You want to be the charming, real person you are. Embrace your imperfections—the people who love you do.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Feb 28, 2021 - People dance to their own unique rhythms, but today you will be right in tune with others, especially the people you love the most. This is a time of great harmony in your life, and it's a time you should celebrate. Let old disagreements be water under the bridge. There's no real value in holding grudges, so toss them aside on your way to giving one of your favorite people a great big hug! The people in your life mean more to you than petty squabbles.

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The Common Traits Of The Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancers can best be described as intuitive. They have great faith in their ability to reason, which can in some cases contradict evidence and logic. They are passionate people, and alter their moods according to the given situation, people, and surroundings. Emotions guide them more than facts. Their beliefs may not make any sense to the other zodiac signs, but there is no point in trying to convince a Cancer. What they say goes.

Cancers are amazing sources of support for friends, family and loved ones. They are tactful when it comes to expressing their opinions, and judge the gravity of a situation before dealing with it. You will rarely find a Cancer overbearing, intruding, or harsh. They are never cold, uncaring, or indifferent, but will reflect the appropriate emotion depending on the situation.

Cancers are stable enough in their romantic relationships to be flexible, as long as the other person is exhibiting compromise. They will not stay with someone who cheats on them or betrays their trust in any way. Since Cancers are extremely caring and considerate, they expect the other person to be the same. If they don't find this sense of sensitivity and caring, they usually don't leave the person, but they behave in such a manner that the partner has no choice but to leave.

Cancers have a gamut of emotions inside them that they don't always express. Therefore, a Cancer's partner would need to be intuitive enough to understand what the other person is feeling. Cancers don't like revealing much of themselves because they enjoy feeling protected. However, this does not mean that Cancers don't have a need to feel close to their loved ones, be it friends, family, or lovers. They will only begin to open up once they feel immensely loved and cared for.

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