Cancer Love Horoscope

Jun 17, 2024 - When you learn to be flexible, unexpected obstacles won't feel like life-or-death emergencies. Stay calm and think of all the possible outcomes before assuming the worst. Things will even out if you give them enough time.

Cancer Love Horoscopes for Women

A Cancer appears to be the girl of everyone's dream. She appears to be sweet and shy but that couldn't be farther from the truth. When she finds a lover her deep natured personality awakens an erotic sensual woman that reveals a hidden fire within.

From what astrology shows a Cancer isn't forward or out spoken but instead leaves hints and clues as invitations to prospective lovers. If a suitor misses those clues then it is probably to late for she has already emotionally moved on. The Cancer horoscope is a water sign, which signifies how much she values a trusting secure relationship. She is very cautious when reveling her true love to a partner and looks for someone to show her loyalty before she opens up her heart.

Once a Cancer woman opens her heart to a lover she will show true devotion emotionally and physically. Be wary though not to betray her because she can easily become devastated and it takes her a long time to forgive anyone who betrays her.

Cancer women can be flirtatious and tend to be gentle sun signs. She is waiting and craving to be discovered and when she is loved she is a true romantic, sweet and kind and once a partner falls in love with her they will never want to be with anyone else.

Cancer Love Horoscopes for Men

A Cancer man is direct and sensual; he is not afraid to make sexual suggestions and comments and hates to be rejected. It is easy for a Cancer male to fall in love and he daydreams about his partners everyday.

When looking for a partner a Cancer love horoscope will show he wants someone who is faithful and he can become a jealous man when not getting the attention he deserves. He needs security and stability and feels afraid and alone when without. A Cancer man is looking for a one true partner to love and isn't interest in being with multiple partners. When making love a Cancer desires intrigue, fantasy and the unexpected.

With his impressive imagination he knows the pleasures and pains the can come to the heart. He is good at reading his partners emotions and desires. He finds a thrill in spoiling his lovers, showing them with gifts and attention. As a strong male a Cancer man is faithful and protective, masculine and strong yet devoted and loving.

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