Pisces Daily Horoscope

Nov 17, 2019 - You might just take on a superhero role in the life of someone who means a lot to you today. Your skills will be the perfect answer to his or her problems, and you will really show how much you care. Today you will be a bit player in a grand drama of karmic payback -- the good kind! This day will launch a lovely period of joyous communication between you and your family or friends. Sit down and share your stories.

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Nov 18, 2019 - Staying close to home is going to be best for your morale today -- you are still in a mood to ignore the external world, and that's okay. Obeying your mood is usually a very harmonious way to live your life, although it's not always practical. If you aren't able to be in your own private space today, apply an open attitude toward a social situation. Do not put pressure on yourself to be the star of the party. Act according to how you feel, and people will give you the space you need.

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What are the Standard Characteristics of the Pisces Sign?

Pisces is a water sign, and people belonging to this sign are extremely quiet, calm, and sensitive individuals. The smallest of gestures or actions make an impact on a Pisces, just as the slightest movement can send ripples across the surface of water. Pisceans are faithful people and make wonderful friends, as well as loyal partners in romantic relationships.

If you are a friend of a Piscean, then you already know that a Pisces sign will make your trouble his or her own. Although they are reluctant to fight their own battles, they are very concerned about the happiness of others, and will support you until the issue is resolved. When it comes to their own conflicts, they prefer to let the matter sort itself out instead of taking active to solve it.

As a general rule, Pisceans are not very logical. They tend to trust their own instincts rather than make decisions based on the facts. They are always in touch with their feelings, and are thinkers of the heart rather than the head. This can spell trouble for Pisceans, but when problems arise, they prefer to let the natural order of the universe resolve the issue. They enjoy flowing in harmony with their surroundings, and are extremely empathetic people. As lovers, Pisceans are easy-going and agreeable. They crave an intellectual connection rather than a physical one, which means that they may feel distant while making love. However, this does not mean that they are not passionate individuals.

Being around a Piscean can be a very calming experience. They are like chameleons who can adjust themselves to fit the situation, instead of changing the environment to their own benefit. This is why the Pisces sign does not judge others; they prefer everyone around them be just as they are.

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