Libra Love Horoscope

Apr 20, 2024 - Expect a good response to your online flirtation today. If you want to make solid plans, you should soon find that your week is completely booked!

Libra Love Horoscopes for Women

Libra women love to be loved and are proficient at enchanting partners to follow them like lost little puppies. She is dramatic and loves the spotlight, she wants to be the center of attention and isn't willing to share the stage with anyone else.

A Libra woman is attuned, creative and loves everything beautiful. She will use her sensual skills of touch to make her lovers fall head over heals for her. A Libra love horoscope will show once a Libra has captured her prey's heart she can easily lose interest in her lover because she will grow bored and want to move on to her next adventure.

Libra Females don't want to share how they feel with others but instead expect others to know and understand how they feel. She is always on the prowl for a perfect partner that will help make her look better to others around her.

Many Libra women are attracted to partners that are wealthier and older, partners that can afford to show her a good time by spoiling her. Not only does she desire to be spoiled but she needs sympathy, understanding and affection as well. In many cases a Libra women will marry more then once.

In the end a Libra is looking for romance, to be swept off of her feet by a glamorous loving partner that will shower her with attention.

Libra Love Horoscopes for Men

Libra Men have an amazing ability to relate to people, which give them a charming and elegant quality. He finds it easy to attract lovers and is a bit spoiled by all of the attention he receives because of his easygoing personality.

He is willing to spend a lot of time engaging, building and cultivating a relationship with a lover. He is looking for a perfect lover to meet his unrealistic ideals in what makes up a perfect relationship.

A Libra would rather leave a relationship then deal with drama, fights or disagreements. He is a master at keeping the relationship in balance and is very responsive to his partners needs. He is extremely intimate and knowledgeable which makes his lovers keep coming back for more.

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