Aquarius Love Horoscope

Dec 3, 2023 - Everyone seems to be stroking your ego! Try hard not to let it all go to your head, but that does seem to be where it's moving. Step away and get a new perspective. Is this all really worth the emotional hangover?

Aquarius Love Horoscopes for Women

Aquarius women have the natural ability to attract partners due to their funny, witty and charming nature. She has a genuine curiosity that pushes her to be outgoing and with her friendly and warm personality she attracts a lot of attention from those around her.

An Aquarius is rational and independent; she is looking for distractions especially when finding a flirtatious lover. She might appear to be easily seduced however she wants to be romanced by a lover.

She lives mostly in her own mind, which can keep her from being overly emotional. She can be a devoted and loyal, to many an Aquarius is the perfect companion because she is tolerant, reasonable and rarely becomes jealous.

To her there is much to be explored so a partner shouldn't be overly clingy or controlling she is a bit of a free spirit and a wonderer. If she finds the right lover then they can both find a calm drama free relationship with love and overall happiness.

Aquarius Love Horoscopes for Men

An Aquarius male isn't just interested in a physical relationship but first and foremost an intellectual one. He wants to mentally fantasize about a lover before beginning any time of physical relationship.

He tends to suppress his emotions and love can sometimes be to stimulating and overwhelming. An Aquarius man needs independence and it takes him a while to adapt to being in a long-term relationship.

An Aquarius treats his partners with respect and doesn't like stringing along multiple partners. He easily attracts people with his warm and kind personality. He is patient and doesn't expect to win over anyone quickly however when he does he brings excitement and passion to his lover.

He is generous, tolerant and has no problems making a lot of friends. He isn't selfish or dominates but needs his space just like an Aquarius woman. When in love he is a committed and loyal partner who needs a relaxed non-jealous lover.

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