Gemini Love Horoscope

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Gemini Love Horoscopes for Woman

Gemini women are enchanting yet casual in nature. A Gemini love horoscope will show her to be fascinating and mystical while also complex, confusing and hard to figure out. Keep in mind a Gemini is duel natured which creates her complex personality. The Gemini love horoscope will show that she wants love and security. Making her feel like the most important woman in the world is definitely worthwhile for any suitor.

A Gemini woman has a secret fantasy of finding interesting confident men that can make her feel like she is on a long anticipated adventure. A Gemini woman is resilient and has the strength and fortitude to bounce back after a bad or failed love affair. However be wary, she can sometimes seem heartless and calculating if she isn't sure you deserver her attention.

A Gemini woman experiences her sexual desires in her mind before committing to her lover and when she does decide to commit to a lover she has an endless curiosity and willingness to experiment and experience her partner.

A Gemini woman is changeable and restless and can sometimes find more then one partner to string along. Her duality nature can sometimes cause her to fantasies about two different partners, which she may require to meet her emotional and mental needs.

This can cause problems for those partners looking to become her top priority in her life. Unless you are someone who can meet many of her varying interests. If you can then she will be a devoted and faithful companion.

She tends to think of her love as being greater than that of her lovers so don't always take what a Gemini woman says at face value. She may believe what she is saying and unaware of her own subconscious motivations.

Behind her multiple masks their does hide a solid, strong, enduring person who can show true love and passion when in love. When in love she can become jealous and possessive so never try to deceive her.

Gemini Love Horoscopes for Men

Gemini men are wonderful to date they are charming, smart, generous and interested look forward to meeting their partners needs. Lovers are drawn to Gemini men like bugs are drawn to light. However a Gemini love horoscope will show that being a partner with a Gemini can be brief and over before you know it.

Although a Gemini male is interested in and generous to their lovers they have a never-ending need for fun and adventure. When the adventure ends then a Gemini will move on and vanish off to find the next partner who will show him his next adventure.

Gemini men are uncomfortable with a partner who is too emotional and needy. He finds love making fascination and rejuvenating and tends to get involved with intense and emotional partners, which is counterintuitive to their needs.

Oddly enough Gemini men are attracted at first to partners that are emotional and dramatic but will end up leaving them in the long term due to these same attributes.

Gemini's claim they move on from one lover to another because they are looking for true. In reality a Gemini is looking for his astral twin and soul mate that will complete his duality, which is in his nature.

Many times Gemini lovers start off the relationship as friends but are easily seduced by his unaggressive personality, which makes them feel safe and secure. If a Gemini man starts to show you less interest and attention then you before then it is too late and you know he is about to move on.

A Gemini male is an imaginative and assuring lover yet his attention is always split and he may not seem fully committed. Any romance with a Gemini will be exciting and intriguing though it may not survive. After it is all said and done you may just find that you have no regrets about being with a Gemini, as they can be the distraction that you needed.

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