Leo Love Horoscope

May 22, 2024 - Temper, temper! Being passionate about a certain topic close to your heart is one thing, but flying off the handle is quite another. Keep your anger in check or you could end up turning off a potential suitor.

Leo Love Horoscopes for Women

Leo women love to be appreciated, they require a lot of praise and admiration. For a suitor to appeal to a Leo Woman you must be attentive and accepting.

Leo love horoscopes show that when you are with a Leo woman you should not let your eyes wonder for she is complex and competitive with any possible rivals. Leo's are afraid of losing to other women and to keep her from pulling on this emotion it is smarter to avoid this at all costs.

However she isn't afraid of having multiple relationships and can have multiple partners at the same time. She is flamboyant, dazzling and enjoys the game of attracting suitors to her side. A Leo woman appears to be self-centered and intense, these are uncontrollable feeling she has to be successful and special.

Leo women freely give their love and have an intense and powerful romantic nature. She is sensual, passionate yet she is not kinky and aggressive. When a Leo woman is married she thrives to work on the relationship with her spouse. She can become overbearing at times and might come off as needy and domineering. However she will show her spouse deep love, compassion and life long friendship.

If you give a Leo female the admiration and affection she desires you will find a kind passion is this wonderful woman.

Leo Love Horoscopes for Men

A Leo man can easily fall in love yet their love horoscope shows he can find it difficult stay in love for long periods of time. For a Leo man falling in and out of love is easy and can seem way to casual for him.

He finds love a as a powerful strong force that captures his heart in one moment then burns out and disappears in the next moment. When a Leo male is in love he is passionate, longing and to make any partner feel like the center of his.

When a partner finally catches a Leo's heart he needs to be catered to and can come off as a bit demanding. He doesn't realize this is how he appears to others instead he thinks he is trusting and openhearted yet he typically is only asking what is owed to him.

Behind his thick veil is a sensitive, man who is vulnerable and needs to be loved and praised. When in love he is cautiously navigating through the relationship waiting for the perfect companion to give him the affection and attention he needs.

For a partner to successful tame a Leo they have to somehow teach a Leo man that the relationship doesn't completely revolve around him but instead around the both of them as a couple.

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