Taurus Love Horoscope

Apr 20, 2024 - Any risks taken now don't pay off as much as you want them to. Try to go with safe bets. Catch up with old friends in your favorite places and enjoy a quiet night. Romance will come soon enough!

Taurus Love Horoscopes for Woman

A Taurus woman is an artist of seduction; with her tantalizing smile and the sensual look in her eyes she is a devious mistress of love. A Taurus love horoscope is not going to show her as being promiscuous and that she is not easily swayed into a casual affair. She desires stability, security and will not rush into a long-term relationship.

Taurus love horoscope for women shows that she tends to be more old-fashioned and are devoted, nurturing and protective when falling in love. Being in love brings out the best in a Taurus; she will be open, affectionate and extremely generous to her lover.

With a great appetite for life and a lusty sexual desire a Taurus tends to enjoy older more sophisticated partners who will teach the pleasures of life.

She is a passionate partner in bed and has a lot to offer her lovers. However she will in return demand a lot and is a big believer that giving and taking in a relationship should be equal among partners. A Taurus woman wants to be pursued and will make up her own mind if she will be won. She is a planner and pays close attention to detail, as she falls in love with someone nothing anyone can say will sway her in the slightest.

A Taurus woman is an artistic romantic with a good-natured heart and good taste.

Taurus Love Horoscopes for Men

A Taurus man isn't a Romeo or even a Casanova; he won't sweep you off of your feet or come riding out of the sunset. A Taurus love horoscope will show he isn't afraid of failure though, it's just not in his personality. A Taurus man is sensible in his love and has a deliberate approach to finding his partner. He is looking for a long term loving relationship with a partner who is not to fancy and overdone. He is looking for stability and security in his lover, this doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy making love; a Taurus man is just patient and willing to wait.

Taurus men are sensitive and good at hiding their emotions even though they might appear tough and sometimes even rugged. He can be romantic and enjoys putting his lovers on a pedestal, he will take care of and give his partner true love.

Sometimes it is hard for a Taurus man to say "I love you" and he doesn't always give an abundant of gifts. He would rather save up to give his lover a single high priced gift then multiple low priced ones.

A Taurus male is simple and direct in his sexual fantasies and has all of the stamina a woman could want. He is strong willed, sensual, sensible, faithful, kind and affectionate. For those looking for the perfect man then a Taurus is a good choice.

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